Tuesday 22 November 2022

D7 Cat with loader

 This kit is from Woodland Scenics - it was challenging to build. Individual pieces require  filing and some fiddling to get them to fit together nicely. The best parts of the kit are the tracks and the bucket. You get what you pay forbut at this price point it is ok. Now having said that a really nice one that is prebuilt will cost you a lot more.  I have chosen not to have the hydraulic cylinders moveable. The loader itself moves up and down. I glued it together with gel CA as I could hold it and use accelerator on the glue - five minute epoxy would have been too hard to hold  together while it cured. This is not going to be moved much and it is sturdy enough with the CA. There are only 9 parts to the machine. This picture is taken in the paint booth just before painting

Here it is painted  and weathered. I mixed my own custom colour for this.

I have to add decals and an umbrella for good looks. I will add a picture when these are done.

Here is what a real one looks like. This is a 977D with a Traxcavator Shovel not quite the same as mine

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