Thursday 8 March 2018

CNR 4-8-4 U-2-g Northern

 At rest in the yard waiting for the next assignment.

This is a picture of my True Lines 4-8-4 U-2-g 6226 Northern. I bought this locomotive at a very reasonable price. This is a beautiful locomotive to look at, runs nice when it runs but if you have problems with it you are on your own. There are no diagrams, spare parts would be hard to find and you get next to no help from True Line. I  had to take it apart to fix a wire that had come loose, (it would make sound but would not move) and that was a very touchy process. I needed all my soldering skill to fix it. I brought in my friends Ron and Norman for backup and ideas, we went slow and took lots of pictures as we went along. I was told that if you ever had to get at the motor good luck because  you would have to break parts to get that done. This is the problem with newer products like this, once it is off warranty (1 to 2 years) you will not get much help. You can just send it back if it is on warranty, but here in Canada that will be a cost of at least 50 to 75 dollars. They have nice lights and lots of details that may or may not be best for proper operation. The days of being able to get parts for a few years seems to be gone from some manufactures.  I would sooner have my brass steam if I had a choice as you can always get them running. Just like older P2000.  I will make the suggestion that you try to get part diagrams and an electrical drawing before you buy these engines as there may be multiple boards involved and the wiring can be next to impossible to figure out with out a drawing.

This picture shows the board that is under the cab. The wire that needed to be fixed was one of the black ones as the JST plug didn't jest any more. There is also another board in the tender.

Running as extra 6226 east bound just coming up on Cana Jct.


  1. I have just purchased one of these as well and have the same problem, sound and lights work fine. Nice to know you were able to get it working. I'll have a try at mine.

    1. Steve if you send me an email (can be found in page about me)I can send you the pictures we took and what to look for to help you fix your engine.

  2. Thanks Doug I got it fixed the wire had pulled out of the plug.

  3. Doug, just read your situation with the 4-8-4, I have two of them. One sits on a shelf, all bells and whistles, but no motion. Today my second Northern followed the first. When I press F10
    on the controller it says, “ engine number 6222 disconnect “ (#6219 on the other engine). Would be interested in seeing what you did to your engine, I could have the same problem, thanks John.