Wednesday 20 September 2017

CNR Wood Trestle

In place just before I poured the water for the creek
A little closer view

4-8-4 6226 going across on passenger service
A couple of pictures of the completed scene

I scratch built this from CN plans that came in a bundle from the CN Lines. This is built from scale wood from Northeastern and Kappler with only minor adjustments. I took lots of pictures of the trestles by Bonnyville and Cold Lake  Alberta when we lived there and worked from some of these for details that the plans didn’t show. I partially drew it out in Cad so I knew what it would take to cover the span and how long each bent would need to be. It also helped in where to place the bents on either side of the creek. Then I created other drawings in Cad to use as gluing templates. I would tape wax paper over the printed paper so the wood glue would not stick..Both the bents and the deck where made in this fashion. I assembled it all and then set it in place. The spots were marked where the posts for the bents touched the scenery. I then drill holes in these spots for the posts to slip into. The poles were intentional built longer and were marked and trimmed if needed. The NBW are from Tichy. The track is Micro Engineering bridge flex. I add then added the guard rails down the middle using code 70 ME rail. There are fire water barrels inserted in the ground at both ends. The piles are just doweling. All the wood pieces were stained and weather by airbrushing on some thinned black. I used ME weathered rail and then brushed on some diluted rust colour.