Tuesday 16 January 2018

Follow me by email Part one

As you may have noticed I have taken off the link to follow me by email as it was not working well and I have since found out that Google is dropping Feedburner. This was the RSS reader that Blogger used. I am looking into alternatives for this function and will give an update once we have it figured out. Thanks for your patience.
If you would like to contact me you can use the email below.

Thursday 11 January 2018

Scale Model Plans

Well not too often do I feel moved too really flog a product BUT these plans from Tom Carson's Scale Model Plans are outstanding. If you scratch build or would like to try a card stock model you need to go to his site and order one of his buildings.. Just order one. He even has a free one right now so you don't even have to pay. There is also a discount to NMRA members.I do my own drawings and I know how much work goes in to this. You have to get measurements, draw it in AutoCAD. Then Tom includes an ISO of the drawing, the templates, and a full colour template so you could build a card stock model if you wish.
He has tutorials on his site on construction. He uses the same process that I do in how I build see this post. I just can't express how impressed I am with this product. There is a link to his site on my links page.