Thursday 11 January 2018

Scale Model Plans

Well not too often do I feel moved too really flog a product BUT these plans from Tom Carson's Scale Model Plans are outstanding. If you scratch build or would like to try a card stock model you need to go to his site and order one of his buildings.. Just order one. He even has a free one right now so you don't even have to pay. There is also a discount to NMRA members.I do my own drawings and I know how much work goes in to this. You have to get measurements, draw it in AutoCAD. Then Tom includes an ISO of the drawing, the templates, and a full colour template so you could build a card stock model if you wish.
He has tutorials on his site on construction. He uses the same process that I do in how I build see this post. I just can't express how impressed I am with this product. There is a link to his site on my links page.

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