Wednesday 25 October 2017

Amazing rail car graffiti

Here is a new picture that I just took in Dec 2020 by the old Alberta Pool elevator in Camrose. The railways should hire some of the real artists to paint cars for them.

Here is another picture. Being from Saskatchewan I really like the original paint job on these cars and the art work just adds to it. If you notice none these painters cover and data on these cars and take a lot of effort to leave it clear. 

This picture was taken by my friend Ron. He is an engineer for the Battle River Railway (BRR) and saw this car sitting at the Cargill Terminal East of Camrose on the Alliance Sub. The only way to see it was from the sub as it sits at Cargill. Note that it looks like the artist repainted the car number when he was done. I would buy an HO decal of this.


  1. I know it's vandalism but that is pretty cool.

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  3. For the painting from Saskatchewan, the painter is JANUS Emmanuel (@youngjarus on Instagram), and it was painted on July 2012