Tuesday 22 November 2022

Farm Details slab fence


Slab Fences

I needed some slab fences. Some for corrals and some for railway right of way snow fence. I thought I would use wood to start with but I didn't have enough 1x4's and ordering during covid was going to take a long time. I decided to use styrene which is easy to find. For the rails for the slabs to attach to is 3x6 partially because all this lumber is ruff cut. I drew it out in CAD where the rails and post would go. I then printed this on paper. I then used a glue stick  to glue the rails to the paper. I cut up a bunch of slabs with my chopper 8' long. I used a piece of .02 brass to space out the slabs and glued them to the rails. I distressed some as I put them on. Once this was done I popped it off the paper flipped is over and glued on the post. I then painted it by using black ink and white paint to get the grey wood colour that has darker and lighter spots. I have link to this process in links. I does take a lot of 1x4's. The cutting and gluing can be done in front of the TV if that works for you. 

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