Sunday 10 April 2022

Thrashing Machine

 I received a package today  from Ben Kaur which is his 3D printed model of a threshing machine. Ben has been working on this kit for awhile and I will add some links to his story of designing and printing this kit. The detail is incredible and the parts are a smooth finish. Ben was working with Shapeways but they became expensive and difficult for him to deal with so he got his own printer. In talking with Ben I would recommend designers move away from Shapeways as your cost will plummet.

Here is the box

Parts packaged in the box with lots of separate bags. There are 3 kits in this box.

Each separate bags of different parts just to show how it is packaged. The parts are all printed in clear smooth material.

After sorting out the parts they went to the paint booth. The body was painted aluminum to represent galvanized steel. I painted the other parts Badger John Deere green and the wheels John Deere yellow. The outside green frame in the top right is curved a bit but once you trim it out some of that goes away. Because the fit is so good it is easy to have it flat to the shell. The long narrow green piece in the middle includes all the pullies. They are small and are beautifully done. The detail is incredible. 

Here it is with the green frame, hitch, wheels, return grain elevator cyclone and the straw tube installed. The hitch and the straw tube both pivot.

The backend below shows where I added 2 more green braces and the wire that goes to the cyclone. These are my own additions based on prototype photos. The space seen between the cyclone and the tube is because I have not pushed the pin in all the way.

As seen below the feeder table, clean grain elevator, unload chutes and all the pullies are attached.

This is after the weathering is done. This machine is in very good shape for 1959 it must have been in a shed. The next ones will be a JI Case version looking more aged and the third one will be rustier IH version.

When I do the Case machine I will try and add the belts and chains to all the pullies.

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