Friday 16 November 2018

Scenery part 1

I am currently working on scenery and thought I would take you along as I am working on it. This will be a series of posts.
 This narrow shelf is on the right had side of my layout drawing. It is 5' long and 4.5" wide. The scenery on this was completed in Sept. I painted the back drop, added the fence to the right-of-way, added the static grass, weathered the road bed and added a piece of snow fence. The bare spot at the end is the start of the next piece of scenery to Waldron. There is a strip of Plexiglas on the left to keep things off the floor. The shelf was built this small so there would be enough room to move things from the stairs to the other room.
 The page wire fence is some window screen cut 4 scale feet high. It is the closest thing I could find. The posts CN used were ceder mine are balsa stained to age them. I just cut the posts strips out of a sheet and then chopped them to length. The vast majority of the right-of-way had this type of fence because when these lines were built the vast majority of farmers had livestock. The barbed wire fence is styrene .02-.04 rod painted wood brown. The barbed wire is grey coloured thread. I ended up picking this colour as you can see it so it get bumped less.

 I can't remember who made the telegraph poles. I first drag the main pole with 80 grit sandpaper to give the plastic some wood texture. Next I weather them with white paint and black fabric dye see the link weathered wood on how to weather plastic to look like old wood. I then paint the insulators white acrylic and then paint them with a translucent green from Gallery Glass...... The last step is to paint the support braces a steel or dark oxide colour.

This is what they look like from start to finish

This looking back the other way. The farm is around the corner. You can see the whistle and flanger signs on the right side. The snow fence is between the 2 signs.

The bridge was covered in it own post CNR Wood trestle part 2

The finished scenery

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