Sunday 25 November 2018

Scenery part 2

 I am now working on the scenery from the edge of the small shelf  up to Waldron which is on the right side of my layout drawing. The buildings will be covered in different posts on there own.
 This is what it looks like at the start and how it has been for a while.
 In Oct I added the page wire fence on both sides of the right-of-way and painted the first coat on the telegraph poles to make them look aged. Some have the white paint on the insulators. They will get translucent green next to highlight the glass insulators.
That is a diamond harrow draw bar in the field at the back. I have not built the harrows yet but have them drawn in CAD. I am thinking of building a pull type rock picker to add to the scene also. I have made the drawings for it.
 You can see the white sign for Waldron, the small one further back is the whistle sign and the one closer to the bridge is the flanger sign.
 I also have just painted the backdrop. This field has just been seeded.
 The field in the front will be stubble that is being summer fallowed.
 There is a barbed wire fence that will get added coming out to the front. And one going to the back on the other side of the track.

This shows where the oil pump jack is going to go. Not really a Saskatchewan thing but I spent a lot of my career in the oil patch be it in large plants. But back in 1978 a farm kid from Sask worked for a year for a company out of Nisku Alberta that repaired these and we traveled all over the province. The steel bins are just resting there for now. These bins model 1650 bushel 5 ring Westeel or Rosco bins. They are actually Rix N scale bins that scale out really well. If you take 1 row of rings off you would have a 1350 and if you add a row you would have a 1950.
I have painted in the road on the back drop. The monument and sign just to the right of the bins is where the last spike went in back in 2010. You can also see the flanger sign.

Also painted some more back drop and built the snow fence in Oct

The elevators have to be finished, an anex for one or both and a coal shed. I find it interesting in this photo that the road at the back that is painted actually goes in the other direction at about the same angle when you look at it straight on

This photo shows how far this series of posts will go. The rectangle drawn on the scenery is where the station is going. This will be an E Class GTP. That is a passing siding on the right.

The 2 red bins are scratch built and represent plywood bins that were relatively common and hold 1350 bushels. You can now see how the painted road has changed to the way it was painted, although the angle is a little steeper than it looks straight on.
There is a loading platform where the boxcar is sitting. The thing at the coupler on the gondola is the brakes. It is a pin with green tape on it. If a car will not sit still the crew can apply a brake. Still need to add the wheel stops to the ends of the rail. The idea is there will be a steel scrap pile where the gondola is currently sitting. Also still need fence on the right hand side of the right-of-way.

Here is closer look at the snow fence. It is all styrene with 1x4 and 2x6. The posts are 6x8. The grass it seems to photograph really brown so I will have to fix that. It is a light green but you just do not see it.

I will continue to add posts until this piece of scenery is complete.

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