Tuesday 4 January 2022

Melville Scenery Part 2

 Since I had all my painting supplies out from working on the Lorlie and Foster area of my layout I thought I would repaint the clouds in Melville and finish all the backdrop painting behind the yard.  These were the first clouds I had painted and I was never happy with them. The first thing I had to do was pull all the cars out of the yard then I had to get more sky blue paint from Home Hardware to cover the old clouds and it was a perfect match since I had the code. The first can was bought in 2008.  It covered all the old clouds in one coat, so that went well.

These next pictures are with the clouds repainted and the other background painting done.

I have also added scenic material on the back side of the track except for the spaces where some other building are going to go.


The water tank is almost full

The last painting I had to complete was the thunder storm on the west end of the yard. To begin with I always practice on a plain board to get the colours right in the shading I need to do on the images on the backdrop. I also needed to install the hill at the back of the bottom of the wall before I painted. I included some lightning strikes and a small tornado but the photograph does not capture them very well. How did that glass of Scotch get in there.

Once the painting was done I then sceniced the hill cut at the back. OH oh there is a tornado warning for Melville.

I also added some more ground cover consisting of dirt, green & light green fine foam, weeds, and static grass. I use static grass everywhere.

 This completes my backdrop painting.  There are still some things I may go back and add in but I will leave it for now.  Next I will move on to  
finishing buildings.  I will include this information in my next post on Melville.

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