Tuesday 30 October 2018

CNR Wood Trestle Part 2

This was a relatively easy build that was done in 3 days. I scratch built this trestle from the CNR plans that came in a bundle from CN Lines. The bridge is a wood deck, ballasted and is 43' long. I wanted one these bridges because short bridges like this one are so common in the prairies, although there are many different types. They usually have a slough around it and cross a small creek. This was a feature I could add to this section as the shelf is only 4 1/2" wide and helps set the scene and gives it something interesting. This is built from scale wood from Northeastern and Kappler. No real tips or tricks here just a straight forward build using the drawings and some pictures that I had taken of similar bridges. I used the pictures for details that the plans didn’t show. I partially drew it out in Cad so I knew what it would take to cover the span. Then I created other drawings in Cad to use as gluing templates. The wood was all stained before I started the build. I then taped wax paper over the printed paper so the wood glue would not stick. The deck was made in this fashion. The top deck and end bulkheads were made board by board. Once the deck was done I added the dowel posts and then set it in place. The spots were marked where the posts touched the scenery by putting lipstick on the bottom of the posts. I then drill holes in these spots for the posts to slip into. The posts were intentionally cut longer and were marked and trimmed if needed. The nut bolt washers are from Tichy. The ties are mainline Central Valley. I then added the guard rails down the middle using code 70 ME rail and glued them in place. The mainline rails are ME code 83. I regrettably do not have any pictures during the build. The posts are just doweling I had around. It is a tough place to take pictures because of lighting and the Plexiglas that is on the front of the shelf to protect equipment from falling to the floor.

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