Wednesday 27 March 2024

Farm Details IH 3 bottom plow

This is another GHQ kit. It was a nice kit to build and comes with some spare parts.  It's necessary to take the time to look at each part and ensure you understand the build.  The instructions are well done. I used CA to glue the parts on.  It is quite a delicate build so you must be gentle as you get further into the build.  It took me about 4 hrs to complete the kit.

      Here is a picture of the real thing 

 I painted it IH red using an airbrush and then hand painted the rims and tires. My model is seen as a new item at the dealership so I left the plow shears red. There is also no weathering on it.

 Can you see the difference between the first two pictures and the last two pictures?

                                                                        These are the final pictures

I saw the paint on the rim still showed red through the white, the wheel on the left side was cockeyed and the red still showed on the left tire. The steel look on the front shear is just a refection it is painted. The camera lets you see things that your eye doesn't pick up. This is why I take so many pictures of my models.  It is necessary for you to decide what you can fix and what you can live with. I also adjusted the left wheel without breaking any thing😊

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