Friday 2 February 2024

IH Model H Tractors

 Here are some variations of the different models of the model H tractor. They all started out from the tractor on the left, I used the wheels from the tractor on the right to give me duals for the center tractor. I think they all look really good. This all took about 2hrs. Just used styrene tubing for the packer wheels. The packer tractor is the only one that is weathered, the other 2 are for sale at the dealership. I need to see if me decal guy and print these decals they are tiny.


Here is a picture of the real steel wheel packer

Here is a picture of the model H with duals only with a wide front wheel spacing

Here is a picture of the real orignial model H narrow front

The next one I will do is this tractor with the wide front wheels. So come back to this page if it interestes you.

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