Friday 4 December 2020

Modeling and the garbage can

What do I mean by the title of this post? Well the simplest explanation is that not everything you build or try will make it to the layout the way you want it. I have always liked new technologies, materials, construction methods and being as close to scale as is reasonable. The problem with this is that the more new things that you try the more likely it is that those items will end up in the garbage until you get them figured out. Now this mostly applies to things you are building from scratch. When I was designing/building the roof on the dormer for the E Class station there were at least 5 that went to the garbage before I got it right. The first outhouse I built went to the garbage with force as I could not keep it straight and it was one of those times when glue would just not hold. I spent 3 years trying to build/design a table auger for a combine, there were at least 6 of those that went in the can as well. When I built the discer there were 2 of those that went to the can. One because of design flaws and the second because I crushed it in near the end of the build. Most of the things that I design now are cut on the laser and  is all done in .04-.06 card stock first so that I can test it out and make changes to the CAD drawings then cut it again!  I repeat this until I am happy and unless I am happy with these items they all go to the garbage. Once I like it then it gets the final cut. Even some final pieces go to the garbage because I forgot to turn off the text layer and now there is a lasered number 6 or 3 or the word roof cut in the part. LOL  LOL  I could go on and on but you get the point. Right now I am in the design phase of 3 CN depressed center flat cars. Since I have only GA's for a couple of the cars and only 1 picture of each car there are more than a few things to ponder. One car is a  42' with two 2 axel trucks. The next is a 60' with two 3 axel trucks and the last one is  a 67' with four 2 axel trucks. I drew these at the lake when it was raining and there are alot of similar parts so I just did all 3 at once. I am also working on a 36' CN well hole flat car.  These are all getting some parts cut so that I can start to test how well they will run, assess whether the structure is sound and see if there is the correct amount  of clearance for the depressed cars. As with many of my projects I know  that some parts will not work because they do not have the integrity in HO but I am fine with that. I am also getting the sand paper cut for the stucco for E Class stations and I will test it on the card stock model I still have from the first build. I also have a GTP B Class station that  cuts will be done  for a test model. I am certain at least one roof will go in the garbage.

From this I have gained a lot of skills which have made me a better builder and raised my confidence. It also means that if I make a mistake on a kit I can usually fix it. It gives me the opportunity to have many models that you could never buy. Like my father in law would say... the sign of a good finish carpenter is to be able to hide or fix his mistakes. So don't let fear hold you back and use that garbage can.

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