Monday 25 February 2019

Grain Elevators part 3

Here are some pictures of the completed National elevator. That leaves only 5 more to finish. The office for this elevator is beside the elevator because of a lack of space on my layout. It is not a common position in Western Canada but did appear. You will get to see it better installed pictures in a future post on the scenery for Waldron. You can just make out the lighting rod above the roof hatch. There will be an annex that will go on the other side and will be done in the next month or so.

Here you can see the Rear of the Ford 1 Ton on the lift. The decals are custom made. The driveway in to this elevator is at ground level because of the depth of the cut that the tracks run through. This was not very common but did occur. The small door at the bottom of the wall leads to a small walkway between the bins on the inside.

In this picture you can see the front of the Ford 1 Ton that is on the lift. The pipe coming out the side is for loading grain in to a truck outdoors. Could be clean grain or screenings from the cleaner floor.

Shows the driveway floor and the outline for the scale. The edge of the scale usually has a piece of belting to fill the gap between it and the main floor. The grating over the pit was done with scale 1"x2" glued in on edge. There is a pit under the grating .You can also see the beam for the scale

This show the cleaning floor. Maybe some day I will get around to detailing this floor but I would first have figure out how to build a Carter Day 245 and disk cleaners. Maybe a larger fanning mill. There would have normally been stairs going up to the cleaning floor but because I have cut this elevator down to 35' the stairs would have been to steep, so the ladder was installed.

This shows the back leg and hopper along with the chutes coming from the bins.

Shows the truck hoist in the raised position without the truck on it. The LED is mounted between the floor joist on the cleaning floor. The pipe that is tied up is for loading trucks.

A look at the black board shows that most of the bins have grain in them. The tool between shovel and the broom is a flat piece of metal with a handel welded to it and is used to clean out the corners of the truck box without having to reach over the back of the truck with a shovel. You would just go through the tailgate and pull out the grain.

Here is look inside the office. The agent is helping the farmer fill in his permit book for 1959. That is the LED in the corner by the door. Everything in the office is scratch built.


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  2. Hi
    I think there is a little misunderstanding. I am refering to the pit that is under the scale that you unload grain into so it can be carried by a leg to the top of the elevevator. The cleaning I am reffering to is cleaning grain. There is grain cleaning equipment on what we will call the 2nd floor. These are special machines that remove weed seeds, chaff and other foreign material. This was done mostly so that the grain was clean for seeding.

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