Wednesday 13 February 2019

CN Water Tower

I just finished this CN Water tower. It is scratch built from styrene. I used plans from CN Lines along with some notes and pictures that I have found. the windows, water level indicator and chimney were what I used from a Kanamodels kit I got at the swap meet. Someone had tried to built it so most of the parts were not usable. This octagon was a tougher build than I thought it would be. I drew it out in CAD and still had to make adjustments to wall width a couple of times. I had to develop a plan to get them all together to see if the would work out to the right width in the end. The roof worked out better but there is a little more latitude to the roof for some room for error. The one thing that I never did check was the height of the water pipe when it was in the down position. On the OH-SHOW-ME drawing it said it should be 10' above the rail. I knew how high my road bed and rail is so I added that and built away. What I should have check was how high some of my Vandi tenders are. So in the end it will sit on a small hill to gain the 40" needed to fill a 4-8-2. These buildings are like grain elevators when you start looking at pictures there doesn't seem to be 2 exactly the same. The walls are .04"x.06" spaced Evergreen siding. The windows are salvaged from the kit and the door is scratch built. The level gauge and chimney were also salvaged from the kit and everything else is my own material. I did add the plastic window material with the mullions painted on but I think I will take them off as most of the windows that broke over time were changed to just plain single sheets of glass. Less maintenance and cheaper. This water tower lives in Atwater on the layout.

This shows the base and walls once it was glued together.

This picture shows the walls and the bracing for the water spout. I added bolts to the bracing.It is masked because the foundation has been painted already.
A closer look at the bracing for the water spout. In the end the bracing should have been moved up to one board below the window. Then I would have had to only add 20" of fill under the base of the tank.
Here it is withe the painting (CN red #11) done and the windows installed.and the door finished. I use Catwisker yellow for all my CN cream colour.
Here is the completed model with the tar paper roof and fascia boards installed The tar paper is just masking tape and the fascia is scale 1"x6" styrene. There was 1'x8" and 1"x6" used on the door. The foundation is from Styrene strip. The water spout was also salvaged from the kit.

I will add a picture of the tower in place once the scenery at Atwater progresses.

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