Sunday 25 February 2018

Tool Ideas 1

I am doing some work on my layout changing points and wanted to be able to move some of my tools around with me more easily.
  1. I was looking for some way to hold my Dremel tool with a flex shaft. The flex shaft can't be curved too much or it will bind.
  2.  For my soldering iron I wanted to be able to put it somewhere when it is hot so it would  not melt or burn anything. 
  3. I was going to be do some work on my layout with scenery already in place and needed to move it around easily. I had thought of buying a mike stand, then my wife suggested that I use my tripod for my camera.
  4. I also needed to be able to move around the tools that I would be using and have them close at hand. I now just use a chair with wheels on it.
Tripod holding my Dremel and soldering iron. The height of the Dremel can be easily adjusted

This just shows how the Dremel is hung. Very simple just make sure the thumb screw is tight

I just draped the soldering iron over the leg brace. It is still 1' off the floor.

I am just showing the cell phone holder that is mounted to my tripod.  It is a part off of a $10 selfie stick. All my model and scenery pictures are taken using a tripod.

This is my portable tool bench. It is just an office chair from the crew lounge. It has rollers so I can just roll it along as I move from place to place. Sometimes I put a towel down if things are dirty.  I spend a lot less time looking for tools.  I am in the process of changing out the throw bars and points on my turnouts. 
That white remote is for turning on the power on my layout. 1 turns the power on to my DCC, 2 & 3 turns the power on to my 12V buses. The receivers are all plugged in to a common power bar and then each device plugs in to a receiver. This equipment is all under my layout. Not very expensive.

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